Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nueva carpeta

Did it ever happened to you too? I thought once per 5 month I was always ready to loose my computer :P okay, let's say I was creating archives of photos and files, here and there, but... some day it was going to happen. My laptop got broken and I have my... everything there. All work has already found his new owner, all pictures of it were in laptop, all papers, elements and pictures for new postcards and such... its all lost. Not forever but still.. pretty annoying...

What to do, what to do.. Lets start it all over! Just when I was going to create something in Internet, like web-shop and blog....holy shit!  Time to create "Nueva Carpeta" :D

After couple hours walking I found such thing as "Charlie's Ark" and fell in love with images... Definitely, hot season of +40ºC did his job. I feel like adding fresh colors, I feel like watching snow one more time, to be honest... and making something such:

+1 for idea of improving lines and taking pictures :p

1 comment:

  1. This is so cute! I love Charlies Ark, and this is so sweet :)

    Lovely lace and butterflies too.

    Sorry to hear you lost all your files and pictures on your computer :( Its heartbreaking when that happens. Glad you found your way here though :)