Sunday, February 26, 2012

Keep your windows opened!

When I was small I loved to sit on windows, though mum never lets me put my legs outside thinking that I will fall! :p Never try - never know :p

So here is postcard that makes me remember my "window adventures" - little girl sitting.... where?
About details: already becoming classic in scrapbooking Magnolia Tilda, that I chose for her socs; my favorite "all-in-a-hurry" border style (though this "hurry" takes me ages to do) with acrylic instead of ink :p and cute shy flower that I made from "papel crepe"

BTW, saw Simon Says Stamps Challenge about 3 different papers (though I always use 2 or 3) and decided to join it - yay! my first participation! lets dance! :p

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  1. What a lovely card and a really sweet image :) Your papers look gorgeous.

    Welcome to blogland! :) and thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me such a lovely comment :)

    Have a great day!