Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Todos...por favor

Did you ever have a problem that... well, not really a problem...
Thing is that my lovely husband wants every second poscard I do (or even all of them) or at the least similar copy will do...  And some for him.. and some especially for his "collection of my poscards" :P

И немного по-русски... хотя я последнее время это не очень люблю, ибо медленно печатаю без русской раскладки, эх...
Так как день русского защитника в Латинской Америке не особо популярен, одной парой носков в нашем доме меньше. Хотя можно же и просто так дарить. Вот сейчас выложу очередную открытку для мужа (он уже видел) и скоро доделаю коробочку для хранения его коллекции (крышка осталась). И об открытке много можно не говорить, немного металлических-как-там-их (на местном наречии кнопки-бабочки о.О) и маленькая коллекция отечественных машинок (внутрь вложила немного распечаток из википедии на всех языках, ибо я в машинах не спец =))

Ну и с этой открыткой хочу поучаствовать в заданиях:
Любой мужской проект от Скрап-фантазии (до 4 марта)
Anything Simon Says

UPD: Hope to finish one more postcard tomorrow, missing sentiments ;)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Brown or chocolate?

They say once you start doing challenges you are addicted to it :p
The first is MY MUM'S CRAFT SHOP CHALLENGE (that says Buttons & Ribbons) and second challenge is my own: "Why 99% of my postcards are for girls???" nah... do I know why guys don't like laces and flowers? :p just a few details, one chocolate and pretty neutral flower + hell amount of squares:
Some details: if picture wouldn't be taken by me and at late evening, you would see that 2 parallel lines are satin ribbons, organza flower with button and velvet brown paper (that I am really happy to use at last!!! because I bought it like 6 years ago in Russia without any reason :D) 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Keep your windows opened!

When I was small I loved to sit on windows, though mum never lets me put my legs outside thinking that I will fall! :p Never try - never know :p

So here is postcard that makes me remember my "window adventures" - little girl sitting.... where?
About details: already becoming classic in scrapbooking Magnolia Tilda, that I chose for her socs; my favorite "all-in-a-hurry" border style (though this "hurry" takes me ages to do) with acrylic instead of ink :p and cute shy flower that I made from "papel crepe"

BTW, saw Simon Says Stamps Challenge about 3 different papers (though I always use 2 or 3) and decided to join it - yay! my first participation! lets dance! :p

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nueva carpeta

Did it ever happened to you too? I thought once per 5 month I was always ready to loose my computer :P okay, let's say I was creating archives of photos and files, here and there, but... some day it was going to happen. My laptop got broken and I have my... everything there. All work has already found his new owner, all pictures of it were in laptop, all papers, elements and pictures for new postcards and such... its all lost. Not forever but still.. pretty annoying...

What to do, what to do.. Lets start it all over! Just when I was going to create something in Internet, like web-shop and blog....holy shit!  Time to create "Nueva Carpeta" :D

After couple hours walking I found such thing as "Charlie's Ark" and fell in love with images... Definitely, hot season of +40ºC did his job. I feel like adding fresh colors, I feel like watching snow one more time, to be honest... and making something such:

+1 for idea of improving lines and taking pictures :p

Friday, February 24, 2012

I can't believe..

Well, well, well... what do we have here?
Huh, looks like the first post..

Who I am? Hmm.. so many people, does it really matters?
As much as questions "where" and "what for".

If you will need to ask something, you go to
I accept your English though you can come with Russian and Spanish, who knows if you will have better luck with it ;)