Friday, June 13, 2014

~people don't like to change~

or sometimes they dont like to change just to change again right after...

Apparently, I run out of russian letters for a while... of photos... of scrapbooking.. and of sleep [sleep is overrated!] and can't really say anything about replacement. Should i call it a job? Kinda-sorta-really-soon [after the world cup ofc]? Meh..

No, it's not a winter depression. Definition of depression - you hide under blanket, listen to very sad music, drink earl grey and don't want to know anything about the "outside" thing. Perfect cocoon. Oh, wait.. no.. that's my perfect plan of hiding from the World Cup!

The reason i am writing this post is quite simple - [make your best quess] - my husband started some computer classes for nerds and it happened i have to wait for him today.. and oh-no they have facebook blocked here.. such a buzz kill.. if i wouldn't have feedly for such cases i would be reading news! Real news about the real world and oh-how-so believing them ^^ i guess i would run into world cup like in 5 mins again [danger! danger!] and you already know my cocoon strategy :)

The only thing i can do this very moment is drinking free coffee and watching video about Adobe Illustrator [last time i tried that, photoshop got jelaous of his lil brother and crushed my computer.. actually windows completely.. and i officially installed linux and betrayed windows.... and linux is a punk. period.]

So if anyone needs anything in Illustrator - i missed a lot, i know nothing, that makes me an expert ;)

Aaaaaaand i will be back with my postcards really soon! :D

P.S. if you didnt find me in instagram yet you can try.. i nearly figured that thing out so add insta_lukrut or follow the sun alone!


  1. wait... what? i dont have tag for trolling still? i guess i will mark it as "talking" ^^

  2. You are alive!!!! Well not so alive I assume. At least not till WC ends...
    Was so glad to see you on insta and in my blog.
    Really started worrying about you.
    Hope to see your projects soon.
    And shocked you didn't have talking tag. Your very post is talking. Love and miss your talking :)