Tuesday, March 6, 2012

For Beautiful-Places-Makers!

To start with, I found beautiful blog Ginger's House and I am very happy with it!
So many phrases to tell to different people (and to myself - go check about cleaning room!) :p
And I choose one of them to start creating process...........well, here we go :)
I did it for challenge Sketch from OUR HOBBY (until 8 of March) :
Though to be 100% honest I didn't find and read complete rules (hope they won't hit me) but I turned it on 90º and phrase should be a little bit smaller I like it as it is!!!

Also I will use it for Happy Crafting Challenge "Gifting flowers to women" (until 8 of March) that needs one hand-made flower on project :

As for details, I was totally missing some leaves or cardstock decoration for flower (but no green here, plz) and had to remember how to use scissors :p Also I put white lace on red satin ribbon for the first time in my life and guess I will keep using this tip for white lace picture to be seen, than made flower with another lace, red button (I call them "mushroom type" if they ever had another name) and golden beads.

UPD: from today I am happy owner of heart-flowers charms - they finally arrived! yay!
Time to go and make a list of people that can "make a place beautiful" =)
But before...I have to finish 2nd post ;)


  1. Elegant card (love the red colours) with a beautiful sentiment,,

  2. Спасибо большое,что ваша работа по нашему скетчу.
    С ув.Вика:)
    Наше Хобби

  3. So beautiful!
    Thanks for playing with HappyCrafting blog! :)